Banking Functional Consultancy :

We have very strong domain knowledge in the banking area and can provide consultancy to both commercial and central banks in a wide range of functional areas including :-

Clearing and Settlement Systems (CASS)
Automated Clearing House Systems (ACH)
Cheque Image Truncation Systems (CIT / CTS)
Cheque Archiving Systems (CAS)
Real Time Gross Settlement Systems (RTGS)
Internet Payment and Billing Systems
Nostro Reconciliation Systems
Trade Finance Systems
Treasury Systems
Testkey Systems

In any of these functional areas we can assist you in : -

Functional Analysis
Business Life Cycle Design
System Analysis
Preparation of RFP's
Evaluation of Responses to RFP's
Preparation of Test Plans
Project Management in Implementation of systems

Software Development Consultancy :

If you are developing software or have plans to develop software, this can be a challenging task which is often delayed and over budget. With our in-depth knowledge of this area we can assist you in achieving your objectives in one or more of the software development life cycle stages listed below :-

Initial Document / RFP (Request For Proposal)
FRS (Functional Requirement Specifications)
Project Plan
SDS (System Development Specifications)
Database Design
Test Plan
Unit Testing
Integrated Testing
User Documentation
Alpha Testing
Request for System Enhancement and Corrections 1 (RSEC - 1)
Beta Testing
Request for System Enhancement and Corrections 2 (RSEC - 2)
Parallel Phase
Live Run

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