According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, the printing, mailing and delivery of more than 64 billion checks in USA each year costs about USD 40 billion which is the equivalent of approximately 0.5% of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product, the vast majority of these payments are as a consequence of bills raised.

In 1997, the pioneers in electronic Billing in USA processed about 85 million electronic transactions worth USD15 billion for around 2.5 million merchants at a per transaction cost of about USD0.50 per transaction. These were restricted to Bills in US Dollars payable to merchants located in USA (C to B payments) where both the buyer and the seller have to pre-register with the Billing Company.

BiLL is an Internet based Billing product that is effectively an electronic Clean Collection. It does not require the buyer or seller to pre-register and is not restricted to any currency.

Key Features :

Unlike billing systems based on an aggregator model, BiLL is an electronic clean collection which makes it much faster.

Cost Effective
Bills do not leave the banking system for consolidation hence is much more cost effective.

Currency Independent
Bills can be presented in any currency.

No pre-registration
Neither the Biller not Billee need pre-register with any company.

Part/Pre payments
Bills can be fully or part paid on or before due date.

Biller Templates
Billers can created their own bill templates including graphics such as their company logo's.

Advertising Revenue's
Banks of Billers / Billees can add marketing messages to bill presentations and generate Advertising revenues or mileage for the banks.

System Features :

Structured Bill Formats
Bills are presented in a structured format allowing interface to XML based electronic documentation systems such as Bolero.Net

Thin/Fat Clients
BiLL supports both thin and fat clients allowing both Billers and Billees to choose between the simplicity of a Thin Client and the flexibility of a Fat Client.

Multiple Billee Capabilities
BiLL allows Billers to create bills for any number of Billees using a single entry screen making is useful for huge corporations.

Microsoft Excel Interface
BiLL interfaces to Microsoft Excel allowing Billers to import data from an Excel spreadsheet and create thousands of bills with a few mouse clicks.

User definable billing instances
Any number of Payment instances can be set up and parameters controlled for each instance. Transactions generated using the instance will conform to rules set up .

User Defined Charges
Institutions can set up absolutely any type of charge structure using Bankstar's Rule Designer. Charges can be set up to be payable by the Payer, Payee or both.

Interface to PAY
BiLL is interfaced to Bankstar's internet payment package PAY. When a Billee gives payment instructions, PAY will remit the funds and a Biller will receive clear funds in minutes.

Interface to TEST
BiLL is interfaced to Bankstar's testkey package, TEST. TEST will generate a testkey for Any payment transaction which requires one.

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