Different Branches of a Bank across international boundaries can deal in a variety of Treasury Products. Due to time differences and the extreme volatility of the marketplace, Head Offices have a difficult time controlling Positions and Limits.

Most existing Treasury Control Systems are extremely expensive and cannot be modified to accommodate new Treasury Products in a reasonable time frame.

T-Con is very flexible Treasury Control System which can be implemented at a fraction of the price of competing systems.

Key Features :

 Unlimited Treasury Products

Users can define absolutely any type of product and attach different risk percentages to each product.

Multiple Exchange Rates

T-Con supports any number of foreign exchange conversion rates.

Interface to PAY

T-Con has an interface to PAY allowing system generated SWIFT messages for settlements.

Dealer Friendly

T-Con has a simple entry screen for front office making it a highly dealer friendly at the same time allowing back office to implement a sophisticated vertical and horizontal regulatory system.

System Features :

User Defined Limits

T-Con’s parameter driven limit tables allow users to set up any type of limit for a bank’s global, branch or counter-party position.

Highly Secure

T-Con uses Testkeys, PKI (Asymmetrical Encryption), Symmetrical Encryption, Server Passwords, SSL and Hardware Dongles making it a highly secure system.

Real-Time, On-Line

T-Con is a Real-Time On-Line system allowing limits to be in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

TCP/IP Protocol

T-Con uses the TCP/IP Protocol allowing users to choose the communication medium from Dial-Up Lines, Leased Lines, VSAT or the Internet depending upon volumes and risk perceptions at different banks/branches.

XML Compliant

All messages generated by T-Con are XML messages allowing easy integration to external systems.

Cost Effective

T-Con is a PC-Windows based system requiring only one web server at the controlling office irrespective of the number branches being controlled. This makes it a very cost effective system available at a fraction of the price of competing systems.

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