While Internet Banking has become a buzz word in the Banking industry not all Banks are comfortable allowing remote access to their databases. In addition, many Banks have legacy systems which makes it difficult or un-economical to offer Internet Banking.

e-BiAS allows Banks to allow remote Internet access to information from their existing legacy system without any change in their legacy systems or allowing remote access to their existing databases. In addition, data from third party databases such as Electronic Securities, Exchange and Interest Rates etc. can be made available to customers of a Branch.


E-BiAS uses Testkeys, Asymmetrical Encryption, Symmetrical Encryption and hardware dongles in addition to Server based passwords and SSL making it an extremely secure system.

Database Isolation

As E-BiAS replicates data from a Branch's legacy system into its isolated database, a Branch's legacy database remains inaccessible to remote information requests.


An e-BiAS transaction takes place in seconds.

User Defined Information Access

Users can define exactly what information is to be made available to specified persons accessing data.

Flexible Authorization Automation

Users can define authorization automation such that specific requests be automatically responded to while other requests require manual officer authorization.

Dual Client

E-BiAS has both a fat client and thin client allowing a Branch to decide on whether it wishes to implement a convenient live web server or a cost effective email based server.

Currency independent

E-BiAS allows access to information in any number of currencies.

XML Compliant

E-BiAS messages are XML compliant easy interfaces to existing legacy systems as well as uploads to systems being used by parties requesting information.

Operating System Independent

Being written in pure Java code, the interface module allows interface to legacy systems operating under virtually any operating system be it UNIX, Windows, Linux, OS/400 or DOS.

Interface to TEST

E-BiAS interfaces to Bankstar's TEST system allowing Testkeys as an additional security measure.

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