Banks work against the clock to meet deadlines set by Clearing Houses, a process which often distracts managers from profit generating tasks. C-CATS allows electronic exchange of cheque images and data, between Branches/Service Branch/Nodal Branch prior to physical cheque delivery. This allows branches to dramatically increase the cheques processing time available and moves part of the data entry task from Service Branches/Nodal Offices to Branches.

Intra-Bank Cheque Clearing can often take longer than Inter-Bank clearing due to bottlenecks in physical cheque delivery systems and the precedence that Clearing House cheques take over Intra-Bank clearing. C-CATS allows banks to implement Intra-Bank clearing of cheques in hours.


C-CATS uses Testkeys, Asymmetrical encryption, Symmetrical Encryption and hardware dongles in addition to Server based passwords and SSL making it an extremely secure system.

MICR/Image Scanning

C-CATS implements MICR and Image Scanning simultaneously allowing the branch on which a cheque is drawn to verify both data and signatures before the physical cheque is delivered.


C-CATS dramatically increases the processing time available for Local Clearing of cheques and allows Intra-Bank clearing in Hours.

Cost Effective

A single station PC, a low cost MICR/Image scanner and a standard dial-up modem is all the hardware that is required for most branches.

Clearing House Files

C-CATS creates files for Outward Clearing House Cheques as well as uploads and distributes Inward Clearing House Cheque files.

Inter-Branch / Nodal Office Systems

C-CATS allows Users to process Intra-Bank cheques directly between branches or via a Nodal Office.

Flexible Authorization Automation

Users can define authorization automation so that cheques meeting certain criteria be automatically processed and others await manual officer authorization.

Currency independent

C-CATS allows Intra-Bank clearing in any number of currencies.

Dual Client

C-CATS has both a fat client and a thin client allowing a Bank to have either a centralized or distributed database for signature verification.

HTTP/SMTP Protocols

Banks wishing to have a centralized signature database can have a 24X7 server for signature verification via HTTP or can have an on-demand signature verification using SMTP.

XML Compliant

C-CATS messages are XML compliant.

Interface to Baseline Systems


Banks having legacy baseline systems can implement C-CATS using its batch database replication system.

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